5-year-old North West is already wearing makeup

North West

Yes, she may be the daughter of Kim Kardashian, known for displaying a…not-so-natural (even though she denies this) image, but this doesn’t mean that it’s ok for North West, who is just 5, to wear a full face of makeup.

This weekend, her parents brought her to church, but the way she look was considered by many unacceptable.

North West was photographed wearing lipstick and nail polish, as well as a black dress, as you can see:

North West makeup

However, after Kim shared a clip from the weekend, people on social media commented that the 5-year-old was wearing more than just makeup and, somehow, we kind of agree with them.

In the past, North’s mom has spoken about allowing her children to wear makeup, admitting that she doesn’t see any problem with her child experimenting with a bit of makeup from time to time.