50 Cent claims that the police wanted to shoot at him

The New York City police are investigating a very interesting claim made by rapper 50 Cent, who revealed that a senior officer instructed members of his team to shoot towards him.

Apparently, everything happened back in June 2018, during a police roll-call for a boxing match which the rapper attended.

50 Cent says that he took the threat very seriously and consulted his lawyers before making the accusations.

Deputy Inspector Gonzalez supposedly told his team to shoot 50 “on sight”, but later passed this as a simple joke. But the interesting part is that at least one more person present at the event reported the event to the New York Police Department’s internal affairs department.

The rapper describer Gonzalez as a “gangster with a badge”, but wanted to assure his followers that he strongly believes that “there are some good people working in law enforcement”.