50 Cent sold his mansion with a HUGE LOSS

50 Cent

50 Cent decided that it’s time to sell one of his mansions in Connecticut, after being on the market for 12 years. And he did it, but for just a small part of the original listing price.

To be more specific, the building, located in Farmington, traded for $2.9. Sure, this is an impressive amount, but it’s actually 84 per cent less than its listing price from 2007.

Initially, 50 Cent wanted a whopping $18.5 million for the estate. Looks like he wasn’t lucky enough…

50 Cent mansion

The rapper purchased the house from Mike Tyson in 2003, for $4.1 million, then invested a lot of millions into renovations. It has 21 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, game rooms, a home theatre, recording studio, indoor pool, as well as a conference centre.

50 Cent also added a basketball court and a – get ready for this – night club, decorated with murals of himself.