AATL BREAKING: Cops Have JUST Identified ‘VOICE’ Star Christina Grimmie’s MURDERER!!! We Have FOOTAGE MOMENTS Before She Was Killed + KILLER’S MUGSHOT!!! (SHAME On The Killer’s FAMILY!!!)

Police have identified Christina Grimmie’s murderer as Kevin James Loibl … a 27-year-old man from St. Petersburg, FL.

Loibl drove from his home to Christina’s concert Friday night in Orlando, and cops say he’d made plans to return to St. Pete after the show … an indication he felt he could get away with the murder.

Police say they were searching Loibl’s home … no word yet on what they found there.

Loibl fatally shot himself during a struggle with Christina’s brother … after he shot the singer.

The KILLER’S Family released a statement on the front door of their St. Petersburg home.
His parents should be ASHAMED of themselves for raising such a TYRANT… BAD parents make BAD kids… These degenerates couldn’t even spell anything right on their door statement.

Killer came from a long line of f*ck ups…These parents can’t even SPELL let a lone raise a child:
Picture of the f*cking LOSER that MURDERED Christina Grimmie: