Akon is close to building his own CITY!


Over the past years we haven’t heard that much from Akon, musically speaking, but he was otherwise very active!

The singer is well known for working for the development of his native Senegal, recently obtaining an agreement for Akon City, schedule to be completed in 2025.

Akon revealed that the city will be built on a 2000-acre land, given to him by the president of the country, Macky Sall. And the interesting part is that the city will use its own digital currency, called – wait for it – AKoin.

“It’s a 10-year building block, so we’re doing it in stages. We started construction in March, and stage two is going to be 2025,’ he said in an interview with Nick Cannon, back in December.

This is definitely an ambitious plan and all his work deserves everybody’s appreciation!