Alicia Keys still doesn’t fancy make-up

Alicia Keys

Some time ago, Alicia Keys decided that she doesn’t want to wear any make-up at all. Obviously, some of her fans were very curious about how this will turn out, but, well, she still looks awesome!

We can’t remember if there was any top artist who refused to wear make-up in the music industry, but Alicia manages to pull it off amazingly.

In order to prove everybody that she looks good without any make-up on her face, she attended a red carpet event in New York this weekend. And man, even those close up images look very good!

Alicia Keys no make-up

Well, see what we’re talking about?

On the other side, we have some doubts. Is she wearing no make-up at all or opted for a more natural approach? Because it’s hard to believe that she can look so good without it. What are your thoughts on this?