Amber Rose doesn’t want any bisexual men in her life!

Amber Rose

In a recent interview, Amber Rose was asked if she would ever date bisexual men, since she publicly declared that she likes both men and women.

Well, we’re sorry to break it, but Amber says she would only date a straight guy, because the idea of that man liking other guys doesn’t make her feel comfortable at all.

Amber Rose

However, she couldn’t give an exact reason why she’s not OK with the idea, but sex therapist Dr. Chris Donaghue, who took the interview, suggested that by dating bisexuals, Amber Rose might be under the impression there would be a bit more competition for a man’s affections, if she prefers both teams.

Well, at least she’s being honest about her preferences!

  • Van “Blacklash” Jones

    She’s useful for a few things. Those few things all have something to do with her taking hard dick.

  • jitsu35

    She full of shit from what I noticed she surrounds herself with gay men on the regular

    • Def

      Hoes dont think before they open theyre mouths. Only good for a suk n fuk… not logic