Amber Rose lost some serious weight recently!

Amber Rose

A few weeks ago we were reporting that Amber Rose was planning to undergo a breast reduction surgery. Well, it looks like she went through a bit more, including some kind of liposuction, as she looks really skinny now.

Okay, not skinny, but skinnier compared to how we knew her. You got the idea, right?

Apparently, Amber Rose managed to lose more than 20 pounds in one month and we’re very curious if she will stop here. This is how she looks now: \

Amber Rose skinny

In other news, she inked a $10 million deal with a sex toy brand, Lelo. Her mission will be to curate a box of her favorite items.

“Before I found Lelo, sex toys weren’t a big part of my life. But that’s all changed—I waited a long time to find the perfect toys for me,” Amber said. “I’m a real Lelo convert. I’m passionate about empowering everyone to embrace their bodies and their pleasure.”