Ariana Grande is not happy with Cardi B’s Grammy win

Ariana Grande Coachella 2018

Ariana Grande went almost crazy after finding out that Cardi B received the Grammy for the Best Rap Album last weekend.

The singer, known for being close friends with Nicki Minaj, went into a real rant on social media, after it was announced that Cardi got the award Nicki wanted all the time. But she also went bonkers as her ex, Mac Miller, who died last year, wasn’t honoured either.

This is what she posted on Twitter:

Ariana Grande tweets

And it looks like Ariana Grande isn’t the only one who thinks that somebody else should’ve won the award for the best rap album, as Twitter shares the same impression. Yes, Cardi’s album was full of hits, but most of them were actually collabs with top artists and it was they who brought value to the track.

Ah, music industry, who can understand it?