ASAP Rocky is the latest ‘victim’ of the #MeToo movement

ASAP Rocky

The entire #MeToo movement doesn’t seem to have ended, as the latest person accused of sexual assault is ASAP Rocky. The rapper¬†is coming under some serious fire now, after giving an interview.

He revealed for Esquire magazine an entire story, talking about “running a train” on girls when he was just in the – get ready for this – 7th grade.

Obviously, a lot of feminists who came across the article are now suggesting that ASAP Rocky could’ve been part of a “sexual assault”.

Of course, the reactions are a bit too much, but considering that the rapper also talked about his first ever “orgy”, which happened when he was in high school and the girls were in the 7th grade…well, we can see why some people felt offended.

Do you think that this is #MeToo material indeed?