August Alsina admits his ADDICTION

August Alsina

Invited at Jada Pinkett’s Facebook show, Red Table Talk, August Alsina, one of her longtime friends, made some really interesting claims.

During this week show, he admitted being addicted to Percocet pills in the past.

“I literally had an endless supply of Percs. If you asked my brother, anybody … I’m like, raining Percs. Off my body, off my house. I was literally raining pills like Skittles,” he said.

Back in 2017, August Alsina dealt with liver disease, this being the start of his addiction. However, he did get clean after reaching out to Jada and Will.

Apparently, he was taking up to six pills per day, which is definitely not ok, even though they were prescribed by a healthcare professional. But hey, he seems to be ok now…