The bad news keep coming for R. Kelly

R. Kelly arrested

R. Kelly will surely be in big trouble after all the processes he’s involved in will come to an end, but until then, we keep finding new shocking details about his past.

According to the most recent report, the singer has now been hit with 18 federal charges, including allegedly taking underage girls across state lines for sex!

This Thursday, 52-year-old R. Kelly was arrested in Chicago for federal indictments that say he and his employees were using to recruit women to engage in illegal sexual activities, but also paying victims and witnesses to cover up everything he did.

All these accusations date from all the way back to 1999, but the most shocking part is that all the victims weren’t allowed to leave the room without the singer’s permission, not to mention that some of them claimed that they were supposed to avoid eye contact with other men and call Kelly ‘Daddy’.