Balmain used FAKE BUTTS on the runway


Looks like having butt implants is no longer just a thing that’s popular at Hollywood, as high fashion brand Balmain also used this during the Paris Fashion Week.

Their latest design, displayed on the runway, were pretty much the designers’ homage to…well, fake body parts!

One of the most impressive dresses of the Balmain collection actually had a fake butt built into it and is rumored to have a retail price of $5,000.

This is what we’re talking about:

Balmain dress

And they didn’t stop here, as another dress of the collection – otherwise made with silk, cashmere and hand beaded – had some huge breast pads built into it.

From some point of view, this is not surprising, since butt enhancement surgery is pretty much the most popular procedure of 2018!

Would you wear something like this?