Beyonce and Adele are collaborating!

Beyonce and Adele

Get ready for something amazing, as two of the biggest names in the music industry, Beyonce and Adele, are planning to work together!

It appears that the two singers will be releasing a duet sometime in 2020, thus triggering tons of reactions on social media.

And even though this will most likely be a sensational duet, some people don’t appear to be thrilled…

“Weird combo” or a potential “mess” were just some of the words used by fans to describe the potential collab between Beyonce and Adele. But still, the positive feedback dominated the virtual space!

“Beyonce and Adele on the same track, the world isn’t ready” one Twitter user wrote.

And he’s definitely right, as this duet has everything it needs to be a real hit! Looking forward to hearing it, of course!