Beyonce, criticized for her Lion King performance

Beyonce in Lion King

Beyonce’s latest movie, The Lion King, is expected to make its debut next week, but the singer is already highly criticized by reviewers for her voice over performance.

The first set of early reviews came out today and they are extremely bad, as the movie received a 58% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. And this is really low for such a high profile title!

However, it appears that the way Beyonce participated at the making of the movie also got terrible reviews…

The singer plays an important part, as she does the voice over for lioness Nala, for which she got a lot of negative feedback on Twitter.

“I bet Beyonce couldn’t even play her own self in her own movie, that’s how bad of an actress she is. The voice over of Nala is bad…bad at its worst,” wrote one fan.

What are your thoughts on Bey’s performance, though? Was she that bad?