Beyonce was CRITICIZED for her artists’ Super Bowl performance

Beyonce is under some serious fire these days, as she had two artists at the Super Bowl show, despite Jay Z’s appeal to artists, in an attempt to boycott the event.

Two years ago, Hova blasted the National Football Association, after they asked him to have a moment at half-time. Obviously, he rejected, as a form of protest against blacklisting Colin Kaepernick.

Ever since then, he tried convincing other artists, including wife Beyonce, Cardi B, Drake, and Meek Mill, to turn down any offers.

But Beyonce indirectly ignored this, as two of the artists signed to her Parkwood label were present and sang ‘America the Beautiful’.

People are now calling Beyonce a hypocrite for her decision to let Chloe and Halle perform at the show. But is this the right thing to do, even if she wasn’t even there?