Bhad Bhabie just entered rehab

Bhad Bhabie

Y’all remember Bhad Bhabie, right? Well, things aren’t going good for her lately, as she just entered rehab, after revealing that she was molested as a child.

For the past years, Danielle Bregoli has been taking prescription pills, while dealing with some serious childhood trauma. Still, it’s all catching up with her now!

Recently, she admitted to being abused between three and six years old, which forced her to grow up quickly and start taking care of herself.

A lot of people around Bhad Bhabie are aware of the severity of the situation and advised her to seek help. So far, she’s doing good in rehab and could be out in somewhere between 30 and 90 days.

We just hope that she’ll make some changes in her life after this…