Big Sean finally talks about his relationship with Jhene Aiko

Big Sean went through a rough period over the past years, addressing his mental health, as well as the relationship with now ex-girlfriend Jhene Aiko, in a series of Instagrams posts.

The rapper claims that he’s now seeing a therapist, but the relationship he had with Jhene was labelled as “toxic”.

“I wasn’t feeling like myself and I couldn’t figure out why,” Big Sean wrote on Instagram. You can see more in his original posts:

He and Jhene Aiko started dating in 2016 and, initially, tried shutting down all rumours about a possible relationship.

Eventually, they revealed they are a couple, then broke up shortly after the rapper’s 30th birthday. Ever since, he was rumoured to start dating ex-girlfriend, Ariana Grade, again.

Looks like somebody went through a lot in just a few months!