Blac Chyna has OVER-BLEACHED her skin!

blac chyna white

As you probably know, skin bleaching is now a trend among celebrities and not only, but some people are apparently overdoing it.

One of them is Blac Chyna, who seems desperate to get as…well, whiter as possible. She went through several procedures until now, but now it looks like she doesn’t know where to stop.

Seriously now, her skin is starting to look worse after each treatment. Just look at this picture:

blac chyna white

See what happened to Blac Chyna’s face?

We just can’t remember the last time we saw her looking so light-skinned! Apparently, her skin is now looking all grey and ashen, which is – at least for us – something very, very unusual.

Hopefully, Chyna knows where to stop, until she doesn’t look more Caucasian than Black!