Blac Chyna changed the SHAPE OF HER FACE

Blac Chyna

We all know that Blac Chyna is a big fan of plastic surgery but this last procedure she went through looks a bit extreme.

This weekend, at the Oscars – yeah, she was present on the Red Carpet – she unveiled a brand new face!

Apparently, Blac Chyna had a “chin job”, technically known as genioplasty, which consists in improving the contour of the chin, but also of the neck and jawline.

Blac Chyna jawline

This type of procedure involves placing an implant around the chin bone, augmenting the size and shape of the chin, thus achieving a better balance between all facial features.

But things can go a bit hardcore, as doctors can even break the jawbone and re-arrange the pieces, so they can achieve a chiseled look. Yikes, that probably hurts!