Blac Chyna dyes Dream’s hair blue

Blac Chyna is under some serious fire on social media, after sharing a photo of Dream, with her hair dyed blue!

Apparently, it was her daughter who wanted to have coloured haird, “just like mommy”, so Chyna had to make her wish come true.

Since it wasn’t ok to use a permanent color, she used Hair Paint Wax Brand, which comes off after just one rinse.

Check her out:

Yes, she looks really cute with that shade of blue in her hair! But still, depite using a safe way to color her daughter’s hair, Blac Chyna was still criticized for doing this, as a lot of people claimed that Dream is way to young to have her hair dyed.

Well, we just don’t hope that she’ll be such a big fan of…changes, like her mother is.