Is Blac Chyna a ‘girlfriend for rent’?

Blac Chyna

There is a pretty wild rumour spreading over social media these days, claiming that Blac Chyna is a… “clout token”. Or, if you prefer, she pretends to be the girlfriend of young upcoming rappers.

She allegedly wants as much as $50,000 from rappers, just to pretend that she is their girlfriend, as this gives them some media coverage and helps their careers.

Pretty creative, don’t you think?

The relationship with Blac Chyna usually lasts for a few weeks, then they break up and she starts looking for another ‘target’.

Until now, she has a few rappers in her portfolio, including some well-known names like Swae Lee, Playboi Carti, or Soulja Boy, but also a few unknown ones.

Soulja Boy is an interesting case though, as he was already famous before being linked with her. He was probably trying to revamp his career or something…