Blac Chyna hooked up with another youngster

Blac Chyna

Looks like Blac Chyna doesn’t care at all what people are saying about her and she keeps dating these young struggling rappers. Yes, she does have a new boyfriend, an 18-year-old one, going by the name of AAB Hellabandz.

Recently, it was claimed that she dates these guys for a specified fee, to help them gain exposure. Basically, she pretends to be their girlfriend, gets her money, while their career gets a boost, as people want to hear what kind of music the guy dating Blac Chyna makes.

This is the picture he posted on his Instagram account:

Blac Chyna new boyfriend

The relationship lasts a few weeks and bam, they’re done, while she’s looking for her next target. And she doesn’t plan to slow down in the near future at all!