It’s OVER between Blac Chyna and Kid Buu

The latest reports claimed that Blac Chyna dumped Kid Buu, after she found that he was cheating on her. Oh well, it’s not like everybody was expecting this relationship to last.

The news was broken by Buu himself, as he posted a video on Instagram, with the caption “Thank you, next”, a reference to Ariana Grande’s song.

Blac Chyna and her now ex boyfriend made the headlines after their recent trip to Hawaii, as they ended up being separated by the cops, after a fight at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Honolulu.

“Blac Chyna got into a big fight with Kid Buu during her vacation after she found out he cheated on her with another girl during their trip,” says one insider.

So yeah, it appears that this is what was behind that fight and she ended up leaving him.

We wonder how much she needs to find another man…