Blac Chyna should really fix her BUTT!

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna went through several plastic surgery procedures and we can see that just by looking at her butt. That size was obtained thanks to several interventions – butt shots, that is, as she admitted – but it seems that it’s starting to look bad…

And by “bad” we mean that the fat she injected into her butt is now dropping, leaving her derriere looking lumpy. Because this is what happens when you opt for Brazilian Butt Lifts.

This recent picture of Blac Chyna is the best proof:

Blac Chyna butt

She was spotted this weekend in Los Angeles and there’s no doubt that her body looks now pretty different than one year ago.

But hey, knowing her, it won’t be that much until she will fix everything up and probably go for another series of injections.