Is Blac Chyna really pregnant?

Blac Chyna

A few months ago, Blac Chyna shared images of a sonogram on social media, basically suggesting that she is pregnant. Sure, nobody believed her back then, but it looks like she wasn’t lying…

Last night, on Snapchat, she basically confirmed this, showing a very pronounced baby bump. See for yourselves:

Capture d’écran 2020-04-02 à 16.01.06

There aren’t any extra details about this so far, not to mention that Blac Chyna didn’t say anything about the father. Still, it’s clearer than ever: she looks pretty pregnant here.

Some people say that she’s been dating a Nigerian billionaire lately (ironic, huh?), after inspecting their Instagram accounts and seeing photos posted at the same time, while in Dubai.

On the other side, something tells us that there’s something fishy about this…