Blac Chyna is reportedly doing 1000 squats DAILY

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna managed to make a name for herself mostly due to the spectacular body she has, even though it’s far from being natural. Still, this weekend, she was highly praised for the way she looks, during the premiere of her new reality show!

It looks like the TV star has been intensely working out lately and, besides her usual strength training and cardio, she’s also ding 1000 squats per day.

Yes, you got that right: 1000!

Obviously, the results are undeniable, as Blac Chyna showed some really muscular legs at the special event:

Blac Chyna legs

Well, we just can’t deny that she looked great, even though we know that most of her…parts are the result of various plastic surgery procedures.

But hey, such toned and muscular legs can be obtained only through intense workouts!