Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian Baby Gender REVEALED Accidentally By Ms Tokyo Toni!


blacandrob can now exclusively confirm the gender of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s meal ticket baby…
A snitch ran into Ms. Tokyo Toni (Chyna’s Mother) and the following conversation took place:

So I finally ran into Ms Tokyo Toni and asked her if she knew what the baby was going to be named and she said (smiling) “Yall will have to find out” then she said “I don’t even know if they came up with a baby name”.

How you don’t know if your grandchild has a name yet?

Anyways, here’s where she spilled the Gender Tea. She said “I just hope my grand baby comes out healthy, and I can’t wait until he’s here. I said “HE?” She tried to play it off and say yeah ROB. Girl bye! It’s a BOY, because why would she be talking about ROB, and why can’t she wait to see him? Then she tried to rush me off, and act like she was busy. Ms Toni spoke too much. I guess the Kardashian last name will get passed on again.

The Kardashian name WILL be carried on and we KNOW that makes many of you VERY excited!!! 😛