Blac Chyna did something to her face. AGAIN!

Blac Chyna

We’re already used to seeing Blac Chyna getting plastic surgery, but it appears that, lately, she just lost control!

According to some reports, she had another procedure recently and things went pretty bad. And everybody can agree with this, after seeing the images from her latest live video, shared on Instagram.

Blac Chyna plastic surgery

Yes, we know, she doesn’t have any makeup, but we might as well say that it won’t be long until Blac Chyna will be completely unrecognizable!

She’s not the first celebrity who does this to herself and we won’t be surprised if she will keep doing…alterations to her body. Because, right now, she’s definitely not happy with the look and won’t stop until she will. If this will happen…

Or is it just us and she does look great after all?