Blac Chyna’s boobs need some FIXING

Blac Chyna

Last weekend, Blac Chyna was present at the Oscars where she unveiled a new face, the result of a plastic surgery procedure. But people also spotted a weird detail…

After more pictures from that night made the rounds online, she started trending on social media, after the result of a botched procedure was spotted!

Some say that Blac Chyna’s boobs have different sizes, as one of them is noticeably larger than the other! Check it out:

Blac Chyna at Oscars

The difference is obvious! Or was it just the dress that made them look like this?

Anyway, we’re sure that if she notices this as well, it won’t be long until she will get a new pair. After all, we’re talking about a woman with a real passion for plastic surgery, in her attempt to obtain the perfect look.