All of Black Chyna’s nannies called it quits!

Blac Chyna blonde bob

The legal battle between Rob Kardashian and Black Chyna continues, as Dream’s father filed for primary custody this month. The reason? He believes that Chyna is far from being a great mom.

But this is not everything…

It looks like all the nannies Blac Chyna hired over the past years quit, as they couldn’t work for her. The bad part is that Rob is planning to use them as witnesses at the trial.

“I am incredibly concerned about Dream’s safety while in Petitioner’s (Blac Chyna) home and cannot stand by without trying to protect her,” Rob Kardashian declared.

“Dream has twice been in the arms of a nanny while Petitioner is attacking the nanny!”

Now we’re sure that nothing won’t stop Rob from getting his daughter to stay with him!