Blonde Woman MURDERS Her Black Husband . . . Sets Fire To The House . . . With Her SIX KIDS INSIDE!!! (DISTURBING PICS)



A horrific story is coming out of St Louis, Missouri. And the details are eerily reminiscent of the hit movie GET OUT – which is in theaters now.

Cristy L. Campbell, 32, is believed to have murdered her husband Justin Campbell – and tried to burn down their house with her six children inside.

Luckily all of the kids survived.

Police believe that after Cristy killed her husband, she set the house ablaze. Six children who were in the house when the fire began escaped. Some of those children ran to a nearby Wal-Mart to call 911.

And as for Cristy, she’s dead too. Police say that she intentionally drove her car into a river, with her seventh child – an infant inside. Police managed to rescue the infant.

In all, Cristy’s seven children all survived. But she and her husband DID NOT.

Here are the children who survived the fire:


15350646_10207637491714451_1448277478051262534_n                                                         The baby who survived the river:



                                                                       Here’s the husband she killed:



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