Bow Wow, accused of abusing Ciara

Bow Wow

Back in the days, Bow Wow and Ciara were one of the hottest couples in the hip hop world, but it appears that things weren’t going very well between them.

The rapper’s ex-fiancee Erica Mena revealed that she believes that the two had an abusive relationship, as Bow Wow allegedly “broke Ciara’s finger.”

And this wasn’t the only situation like this!

Erica Mena said that Kyomi, another one of the rapper’s exes was beaten by him, fact confirmed by Kyomi herself.

“I didn’t put my bruises on tv because I don’t have to. The police saw them but when I do put them on the “gram” he gonna have an excuse for how I got them too huh?” she wrote.

Looks like Bow Wow could be in some serious trouble after this…