Bow Wow, accused of STEALING

Bow Wow is currently trending on social media, after he was – get ready for this – accused of stealing money in a strip club.

A few days ago, 50 Cent hosted an event at a club, with a few friends, including Bow Wow. And 50 was incredibly generous with the dancers, making it rain on them. Also, everybody received stacks of money to do the same thing, but Bow Wow had other plans.

Yes, instead of throwing them, he took the money with him.

50 Cent even posted a video from Bow Wow’s Instagram, showing him counting the money he received. Check it out:

On the other side, we’re pretty sure that this is just a joke between the two. After all, they are friends, not to mention that 50 posted a few more pictures with him and Bow Wow, from his party.