Bow Wow, caught Photoshopping his pictures

Looks like Bow Wow is going the extra mile, just to get some extra attention. For example, he’s been caught Photoshopping fake abs on himself!

This isn’t the first time the rapper is lying on social media, as in the past, he pretended to have private jets and all that stuff.

This weekend, Bow Wow posted a picture and tried to show off a bit. Check out those abs he pretended to have:

Still, it was more than obvious that they were fake. How do we know? Well, check out a picture of our lying rapper, taken on the same day, while performing:

Bow Wow Belly

Yeah, looks like those abs were fake all day long! As a side note, he took the initial photo down shortly after people started accusing him, so it’s more than obvious that he tried something, but eventually failed to impress…