Bow Wow is talking about his retirement!

Bow Wow

He’s been around for some time but is now thinking about retirement, after his next album will be out. Yes, we’re talking about no other than Bow Wow!

After one of his fans asked him on Twitter what are his plans after the next project and if he is consider retiring, he answered back.

“F*ck yes! I have to get shai ready she wants to follow in my footsteps so i have to shift my hustle. She next up! We are going to own tv and film. Daddy daughter duo like no other!”

As a side note, Shai is Bow Wow’s daughter with Joie Chavez, who also has a son with Future.

The rapper has had a long career, managing to break into the industry when he was just a kid. So after 21 Billboard charing singles, this move can be considered something natural for him…