Multiple Snipers Kill 5 Cops, 6 Critically Injured At Dallas Protest 2 Male 1 Female In Custody (Video Of Shooter Killing Cops)

UPDATE 4:30 A.M. EST – 1 suspect dead after self inflicted gunshot wound
UPDATE: 5 cops now dead; 3 in custody; 1 female, 2 males

Two snipers opened fire from an elevated area at the #AltonSterling and #PhilandoCastile protest is Dallas, Texas tonight. Both suspects were wearing body armor and one was seen shortly after the shootings carrying an AR-15 through the crowd. Suspects may have also planted a bomb in downtown Dallas that law enforcement are currently searching for. Both shooters are still at large.

It remains an active-shooter situation. Police have asked everyone to get to safety and avoid downtown Dallas.

SHOOTER executing a cop point blank:

Shooter engaging police CLOSE RANGE VIDEO:

Originally it was thought he was a suspect, the man below is NOT a suspect, we have video proof he was marching in the protest the entire time!!!
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