Breaking News: Omar Mateen Did NOT Act Alone … Police About To Make SECOND Arrest … Also, Orlando Shooting Was An INSIDE JOB Perfectly Calculated And Executed … The WORST Is Still Yet To Come!!! (VIDEO) (Stay Safe Yall)

Omar-Mateen (1)
Everyone around the world by now has heard about the mass slaughter that happened at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. We have some BOMBSHELL news that there was a SECOND person involved in this terrible crime. Police say the man (or woman) will be in custody by Wednesday. What scares us is that this thing is not over yet…
The CIA is NOT telling people that shooter Omar Mateen was simply just a messenger.
The scary part about all of this, the CIA knows exactly what’s going on. Our Government uses fear to control us. Without fear, there would be anarchy and a possible revolution.
We urge all of you to stay safe and vigilant –and please report ANY suspicious activities to your local authorities. –There is something far more sinister in the works and our own Government will not even clue everyone in on it. NOT IF, but WHEN the master plan is carried out, remember, AATL told you so.

Shocking audio of ABC news cutting the mic on a man inside the Pulse night club saying someone was holding the night club door shut, TRAPPING them inside with the shooter: