Britney Spears almost lost the custody of her children

Britney Spears sons

Britney Spears is going through an incredibly devastating situation, as she was announced that she will be getting fewer chances to see her two sons, Jayden James, 12, and Sean Preston, 13.

The singer has now a completely new custody agreement with ex-husband Kevin Federline, according to a new report.

The latter states that her ex has been granted 70% custody, leaving Britney Spears with just 30%. Right before this, the couple had a 50/50 custody split, but after 28 August, when the new arrangement became official, things changed.

Back in 2008, when Britney suffered her already famous mental breakdown, Kevin took care of their two children, getting full custody. Still, after she got better, she was allowed to see the kids on a regular basis.

Finally, after a new series of mental issues from 2018, a court decided that K-Fed should be the one who’s more in charge of their sons.