Can Anyone Find Magic Johnson For Us And Tell Him To Come Get His SON EJ?? … He’s Lookin Like A INSTA MAN THOT Right Now … Check Out He/She’s REVEALING DRESS!!! (Poor MJ Contracted A GAY Man’s Disease … And Ends Up With A GAY SON!!!)


Magic Johnson’s son EJ recently lost close to 200 pounds due to lap band surgery – and it changed his life. The young man went from big . . .to slim and trim. And he’s been showing off his new body as of late.

The only issue we have with this is the fact he aint even keepin it CLASSY… He’s HOEIN around on IG dressed like an insta man thot…
No, EJ does not have any immediate plans to transition into a woman, but in the world of Caitlyn Jenner’s, everyone has a price. Off the record for those who have been living under a rock, EJ’s Dad, Magic Johnson, has been living with HIV for mannnnyyyy years now…. And they say there’s no cure… $$$ talks…

  • NewNewEnglandPatriot

    I have a feeling its not surgery that caused the weightloss. LOL!

  • Ms Zee

    Whoever came up with the title is DUMB AS FUCK and should be shot in the forehead. It ain’t no damn “gay man’s disease”. It’s a man made disease you stupid bitch.

    • Nemo hos

      Its a white man made disease that back fired on his own people the worst.

  • DOO DOO TOAD #ToadSquad

    NY niggas new wallpaper

  • Rodney

    This is America! Land of debauchery!

    No one should be surprised by this.

  • KingSirus

    This nigga was holding on to dick at the age of three.


      word…junior fag in the making!