Cardi B, caught with ANOTHER MAN!

Cardi B

Now we really don’t know if she and Offset are done for good, but rumors say that Cardi B already found herself a new man: Latino artist Bad Bunny.

Recently, she announced that Cardi and Offset are separated after he was caught cheating again. And in order to forget about this, she went this Wednesday night to a club, where she was seen embracing a Latino artist.

Here’s a snapshot of the two:

Cardi B and Bad Bunny

Obviously, Cardi B and Bad Bunny could be just friends, but man, they are looking cozy with each other in that picture.

Some sources claim that they got very close during that night, but once again, it’s a bit too soon for her to find a new guy, after announcing the breakup from Offset just a few days ago.