Cardi B claims that Offset won’t CHEAT on her anymore

Offset and Cardi B

After rumors about Offset cheating on Cardi B with an NY stripper came out, she finally took it to social media and publicly spoke about the whole thing.

Apparently, a lawsuit will be filed by two dancers, as Cardi attacked them, suspecting that one of them was the one Offset was cheating with.

This is what she posted on social media, in a nutshell:

Cardi B social media

So yes, she now believes that Offset is no longer cheating on her, as he denied all reports that he was sleeping with several strippers. She also added that some women are now trying to get famous off her and her husband.

Oh well, she actually said such things some time ago numerous times, so we really want to see how long it will take until Offset will cheat again…