Cardi B just got some new BREAST IMPLANTS

Cardi B

Like they weren’t big enough, it looks like Cardi B just got her breast implants replaced. And this weekend, at the Grammy Awards, she unveiled them!

Yes, she looked great!

After getting her boobs done for the first time, Cardi was a size D. But now, after undergoing a new procedure, she is way bigger. A double F, to be more specific.

This might sound a bit exaggerrated, but somehow, the new looks suits her. Plus, her breasts look a lot more symmetrical and natural.

Check her out on the red carpet:

Cardi B red carpet

The rapper got her first set of implants, while she was just 19 and still working as a stripper in New York. Now, the procedure cost tens of thousands and was done by one of the best surgeons in the world!