Cardi B just got herself a new butt!

Cardi B is one big plastic surgery fan and this is no longer a secret. However, it looks like she went through a few complicated interventions lately, which totally changed her!

According to some sources, she has undergone at least a half dozen procedures, just to get that perfect shape for her butt. Specifically, doctors removed all the silicone that she had – procedures done when she was still a stripper – and replaced them with her own fat.

And guess what? The results are amazing!

This is Cardi B’s new body:

Yep, she looks good! Also, the new tattoo on her butt was done to hide some of the surgery scars.

One of the main reasons why she did all these things is because her butt was “dropping” and the silicone was starting to coagulate, giving her a…not so attractive look. But things are just fine now!