This is how Cardi B looks WITHOUT MAKEUP!

cardi b no make-up

Cardi B always managed to maintain a flawless image until now, all her public appearances being well-prepared, as an army of stylists makes sure that she always looks good.

Recently, she even made it on the cover of New York magazine, in a glamorous editorial.

However, despite this perfect look we’re all used to seeing, Cardi B is a normal person, like all of us, and doesn’t like to wear makeup all the time.

cardi b no make-up

For example, this weekend, she was spotted in Atlanta, alongside boyfriend Offset from Migos, as well as another friend.

As you can see, she’s all natural here, while rocking what looks like a black fur coat and a very weird hat.

Pretty hard to recognize her without all the makeup on her face, isn’t it?