Cardi B lost a lot of weight lately!

Cardi B

A new series of pictures of Cardi B, taken recently, show that she managed to lose a lot of weight, some sources claiming that she lost over 70 pounds since her pregnancy.

People say that she may have lost all the weight naturally, as she’s breastfeeding daughter Kulture. It is well known that this burns tons of calories and helps women lose weight after giving birth.

On the other side, it is believed that all the stress caused by Offset could have caused the extreme weight loss.

Finally, some social media users say that she might be suffering from anorexia, but it’s hard to believe. Anyway, this is Cardi B nowadays:

Cardi B weight loss

Her waist is obviously way too thin and if she keeps losing weight, she won’t look good. But hey, plastic surgery can always help, right? After all, she’s no stranger to it…