Cardi B had PLASTIC SURGERY in the Dominican Republic

According to a new report, Cardi B is currently in the Dominican Republic, where she’s undergoing a plastic surgery procedure. To be more specific, she’s trying to change her post-pregnancy body!

The rapper canceled all the concerts she had in this period just to travel to the Dominican Republic to get breast implants. Here’s a video she just posted:

And one Instagram user, who claims to have so inside info, made a very interesting comment on Cardi B.

“Shes been in DR Because she recuperating from full body surgery, just look at her boobs. What I don’t like is that her team lied to the public and faked a seizure to make the public feel bad for her and understand why she canceled her shows. Meanwhile she was in DR Getting cheap surgery.”

Well, he or she might have a point. But can’t Cardi afford some proper plastic surgery?