This is how Cardi B went to the mall!

Cardi B

There’s no secret that Cardi B likes to shock from time to time, but the way she went to the mall left us speechless.

This Friday, the singer was seen wearing a bathrobe, while her hair was completely messy while shopping in a mall from an Atlanta neighbourhood. As a side note, last time she went out like this, it was in Miami.

Cardi B wasn’t in the mood for getting photographed, as she tried to hide her face when paparazzi spotted her, while her entourage became aggressive towards the photographer.

But we bet that you want to see her instead of finding out extra details, so here you go, a make-up free Cardi:

Cardi B bathrobe

While we can totally get the hairdo, going out in a bathrobe is something we still have trouble understanding. But hey, who are we to judge?