Cassie and Diddy are BACK TOGETHER!

diddy and cassie

We somehow had a feeling about this and it finally happened: Diddy and longtime girlfriend Cassie are back together, as she committed to helping him raise his daughters.

This week, Kim Porter, Diddy’s friend and baby’s mother, passed away. She was raising their twin daughters, D’Lila and Jessie, but now their father will look after them.

“Cassie told [Diddy] that she’s there for him. And she’s moving back into Diddy’s $40 million Bel Air mansion,” one source said.

The mogul was devastated by the news, but he’s trying to get back on track for his daughters.

“Diddy is all about his children now. That’s his main focus. And Cassie is his ride-or-die, so she’s there for him.”

We’re looking forward to seeing these two getting married once and for all!