Chris Brown got a glow in the dark LAMBO


Chris Brown seems to be pretty much into getting noticed lately, otherwise, we just can’t explain his decision to get a ridiculous car!

The singer just bought a 2019 Lamborghini Huracan, but that’s not all, as he also picked a glow in the dark paint job, which raised the bill to more than $300,000.

By the way, by ridiculous we mean something that really catches the attention. Check out Chris Brown’s new whip:

Chris Brown lambo

However, what’s more interesting is that he was spotted in the car with a mysterious woman – not his currently pregnant girlfriend, that is – and we somehow doubt that the two got together just for a short ride.

Anyway, the car looks sensational but we do have a feeling that he will get bored with this colour pretty soon and have it changed to something else…